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Metal french stone coated tile

The metal french stone coated tile Stampin Marek are available in perfectly interlocking panels in a variety of colors and textures to match all types of building projects. Our metal french tiles are lighter and have withstood the test of extreme climatic conditions.

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This is based on a curvy profile that fits all types of arquitecture. The curvy design makes it more resistant to climatic changes and increases the structural resistance.

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Wood stove SM-12000

The wood stove sm- 12000 of stampin marek has an elegant design that comes along with an incredible power of 12000 kcal/h.

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The most complete line of accessories.

Stampin Marek offers you a full line of standard and custom made accessories in the same color and finish as the metal roof

Stampin Marek

Stampin Marek is a company that manufactures, commercializes, distributes and exports all kinds of metal roofing on the Argentina market and the rest of the world.

Stampin Marek Services

The Stampin Marek technical department gives advice without any charge and calculates the best type of tile to match your project according to building plans.

Stampin Marek Products

Our products are high quality with the best prices, resistance, efficiency and flexibility of designs with a unique 50 years warranty.

We give personalized attention to all of our clients.